Pleasant acoustics: QuickClick "Silencer SMART"

The “Silencer SMART” solves a noisy problem: steel tube chairs with common standard plugs often generate unpleasant, disturbing noise when moved, vibrate and are difficult to move. Chairs, however, that are equipped with the smart glide solution from the QuickClick system, are gliding floor protecting, gently and above all almost soundless on every kind of flooring.

The „Silencer SMART” is a development for steel tubes with a tube diameter of 18/14 mm and angles of inclination of 0°, 6°, 12° and 18°. All varieties work by the following principle: an elastic vibration absorber is to insert into the tube. It serves as an effective noise damper, absorbs unwanted vibrations almost completely and thus provides for a pleasant acoustics. A compatible base element to insert into the tube as well complements the absorber. With this equipment you can use it immediately on all insensitive, smooth floorings. For all other floor surfaces, there are fitting “SMART” glide caps from premium felts or special plastic with diameters of 16 mm to press onto the base element.  The glide caps have different material properties for application on various floorings and supplement the “Silencer SMART” quick and easy, allowing e.g. the silent, gentle and comfortable movement of steel tube chairs on sensitive floorings such parquet, laminate or marble in residential and contract sectors. Maintenance is done quick and easy as well: in case of wear or change of flooring, the glide caps can be exchanged without special tools in a matter of seconds.


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