Premium furniture glide for strongly stressed floorings

Wagner has developed a completely novel, natural gliding surface that is extremely abrasion-resistant, moisture-repellent and at the same time noise absorbing. Designed from this material is the innovative premium furniture glide “SYNO”. It is a multiple problem solution for furniture manufacturers and interior designers as the “SYNO” combines a great variety of properties that are particularly decisive factors for protection and preservation of strongly stressed floorings in the field of gastronomy and hotel business.

 Conventional felt glides are not entirely suitable for professional application of furniture on particularly strongly stressed floors. The reason why: due to moisture and chemicals in the cleaning water, the felt swells up, stiffens and becomes hard and brittle during use on floor surfaces that have to be cleaned and wiped wet every day. In addition, when moving furniture, dirt particles that have been absorbed from the porous felt can cause expensive damages on sensitive floor surfaces.

 The “SYNO” is the glide surface alternative developed by Wagner. It consists of a natural special fibre mixture with an extremely high longevity. This is because the novel material mix is almost abrasion free and has floor-protecting sliding properties. At the same time, it is resistant against humidity and liquids. Furthermore, the supple material has noise-damping properties. The effect is a significant noise reduction, especially when moving chairs.   

 Thus, the new “SYNO” glide is predestined for the value-preserving long-time use on particularly strongly stressed floorings such as linoleum, fine-ceramic tiles, paving stones or special glass. Basing on the multiple awarded QuickClick system that allows a flexible exchange of gliding inserts, the attachment of the “SYNO” at any kind of furniture is simple: fix a base element once at the furniture and plug on or click in a fitting “SYNO” glide insert – and you are ready to go!

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