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The newly developed specialist retailer concept “Castors & Wheels” from Wagner brings diversity and varieties into the shelf. Furthermore, it offers an alternative for retailers who want more: more solution competence, more quality & technology, more range. The clear presentation makes orientation at the shelf easy for the customer: clearly structured in fields of application, model varieties, sizes and materials, the new concept offers greatest possible diversity for professionals. Everyone finds there the perfect castor or the ideal wheel for his project: from castors for bed frames and drawers, furniture castors or design castors to transport castors and equipment castors up to pneumatic and foamed wheels – inclusive fixing elements and axle material for every application demand. Many models are genuine manufacturer innovations, such as extremely resilient heavy-duty castors with a load bearing capacity of up to 400 kg, are equipped with a direction lock that allows the optional use as swivel castor or fixed castor in the twinkling of an eye. Novel design castors of the series “3C” and puncture proof wheels with best shock absorption are also elements of the new concept for specialist retailers.

Technical details and relevant information such as load bearing capacity, wheel diameter, wheel bearing, and material properties of the running surface as well as the fields of application on different floor surfaces are via information displays and product cards simply and clearly communicated. Moreover, for every castor resp. every wheel, a video animation with assembly instruction is available – simply via QR code scan with the smartphone.

The new concept for specialised retailers is available as of now; on four shelving units it offers a genuine professional choice for handymen and sophisticated do-it-yourselfers. Benefit for the trade: an improvement of customer satisfaction, client loyalty and finally turnover with a range of products with a contemporary, fast-moving competence offer “Castors & Wheels”.



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