Puncture-proof off-road

Puncture-proof wheels are among the top sellers in the Wagner garden range. Now the green "indestructibles" are also available as wheels for castors, installed in manoeuvrable transport equipment swivel castors and track-stable fixed castors. A mobile presenter offers both innovations on a small space in the market.

Comfort advantage: the new transport equipment castors never need to be inflated and withstand every nail and shard, because the inside of the wheels is filled with foamed special plastic. Both varieties have an overall height of 30 cm and a load bearing capacity of up to 100 kg. The housings of the puncture-proof castors are made of solid, galvanised industrial steel. The green "indestructibles" are absolutely all-terrain; even on difficult terrain such as uneven, stony or muddy ground, they are ready for use in any weather. The puncture-proof castors are therefore ideal for DIY projects such as mobile garden seats, harvesting scooters, play mobiles and numerous other DIY ideas.

The advantage for retailers is that the mobile presenter generates additional sales on a small sales area and without much effort anywhere in the store, e.g. as a secondary placement for the "castors & wheels" range. In addition, it can be placed in the garden centre on both the indoor and outdoor sales areas to boost sales.

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