Smart glide series

All varieties of the new series “Base SMART with articulation” are as easy to use as highly flexible glide solutions for tubular steel chairs. The novel glides from the QuickClick system made by Wagner are made out of abrasion-proof special plastic material; simply plugged into the tube of the chair, they can be used immediately on all smooth, insensitive floorings. For all other, sensitive floorings, the base elements can be completed with a compatible felt or plastic cap which guarantees protection and comfort during the movement of the chairs, e.g. on parquet.

The new SMART series comprises of glide solutions for all popular tube diameters. The base element is equipped with a flexible articulation and thus adapts to the respective angle of inclination of the chair leg. In order to avoid twisting and slipping out of the base element from the chair tube, its corpus is equipped with lamellae. Needs based, fitting glide caps from high-sliding felts or special plastic materials can be plugged onto the base. Due to their special material properties, they are ideally suited for the movement of tubular steel chairs on a wide variety of surfaces.

The crowned shape of all gliding elements from plastic provides additional comfort to the user because it allows a particularly gentle and comfortable movement of tubular steel chairs also on slightly uneven surfaces. Furthermore, in case of waste or exchange of the flooring, the gliding elements can be exchanged within seconds, without special tools. This makes the Series QuickClick “Base SMART with articulation” extraordinarily maintenance-friendly – an important factor for the purchase decision especially within the contract area.



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