Strong design in marble appearance

Marble is one of the major interior trends of our days. Two new floor doorstop models from Wagner are the perfectly fitting accessories. Their exquisite black and grey marbling emerges in traditional handicraft; the heavy floor doorstops from concrete are manufactured in a gravity die casting process. Subsequently, they are marbled in an immersion bath and thus individually coloured. The result: no doorstop looks like another; each of them is a unique piece.

The design details: both floor doorstops have a solid corpus and are designed in a clear, geometrical stylistic idiom. An encircling rubber ring cushions door bumps securely and protects door, wall and furniture from damages, and four anti-slip pads at the bottom of the design doorstops provide for secure stand and protect sensitive floor surfaces as well. Both models are genuine eye-catchers; with diameters of 116 mm respectively 110 mm and a height of 118 mm respectively 88 mm, they set contemporary elegant highlights anywhere within the living and contract areas. The application is easy: mounting by screwing or gluing is not necessary; just place the design-strong stops wherever they are needed.



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