Strong doorstops for outdoor use

Two newly developed floor doorstop models in an exclusive design from Wagner has been designed especially for heavy doors and the application within the outdoor area. The extraordinarily robust premium stops “EH 5000” and “EH 5001” prevent uncontrolled impacts even of highly frequented, heavy-weighted doors in house, office and workshop and protect doors, fittings, walls and furniture against expensive damages.

Both varieties of the formally clear designed, functional doorstops are conceived with a solid casing from die-cast zinc in a high-grade aluminium finish. An elastic, extra thick rubber buffer functions as robust impact protection and cushions even hard door bumps safe and reliable. The modern floor doorstops are at disposal in two design variations in sizes of 38 x 60 mm and 52 x 94 mm. Maximum stability is ensured quick and easy by firmly screwing with the background; the mounting material is inclusive. An easy to understand assembly instruction in every package serves as additional support for the consumer. Both doorstop models are available as of now and can be sales boosting integrated into the store in the shelf presentation or in a grid.



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