Sustainable protection

As of now, a new door wedge made out of bamboo completes the doorstop range from Wagner. Bamboo is a natural and fast growing, renewable raw material with particularly sophisticated material properties. This includes high longevity, outstanding surface hardness and extreme sturdiness – best conditions for the safe and sustainable protection of door, wall and furniture.

Due to its clear design, the timelessly beautiful doorstop integrates in every ambiance in home and office. Material and processing quality convince as well: during the manufacturing process, the bamboo fibres have been inseparably bonded by means of heat and pressure, and a high-quality anti-slip under surface holds the 170 mm long wedge firmly and securely in position. The bamboo wedge has a pitch angle of 3-38 mm that ensures a perfect fit at every distance between door and flooring. A further advantage: the natural protective properties of bamboo make the wedge almost resistant against UV radiation, keep it colour, and dimensionally stable for a long time.

The new bamboo wedge is available as of now, as a complement of the doorstop shelf as well as “on top” in a sales-boosting combination display with the most popular doorstop models.



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