Sustainably beautiful

Each of the new solid wood plant trolleys “GH 0269” from Wagner is a unique piece! No roller is like any other because every single roller has an individual dimension and look. This is because the load surfaces of these beautiful indoor rollers are manufactured from wood logs of the Foxglove tree that has a particular grain pattern. Furthermore, the species of Foxglove trees, also called “Paulownia” or “Kiri”, has numerous positive properties that make its bright, silky shimmering wood to an extraordinarily sustainable, natural raw material.

The Foxglove tree is the fastest growing tree of the world. It grows up to six meters per year, ten times faster as an oak, for example, and absorbs large quantities of CO². Its wood is characterised by a high stiffness. Furthermore, it is particularly light, cold insulating and hardly inflammable. The new “GH 0269” rollers are manufactured from FSC® certified, debarked plantation wood logs. A treatment with pure natural oil makes the 25 to 30 cm sized load platforms of the mobile tree discs easy-care and water-repellent. Four agile twin-wheel castors allow the easy and comfortable transport of heavy pots with a weight of up to 50 kg. Benefit for the trade: the new wood log rollers “GH 0269” are trendy accessories with a great decoration effect. In the flexible to place “Basket” presenter, they generate additional turnover even on very small spaces, anywhere at suitable places in the store and in the roofed outdoor sales areas.

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