Sustainably good design: "ECOFRIENDLY"

They are the green alternative to conventional castors, wheels and furniture glides from plastic: the newly developed “ECOFRIENDLY” components made by Wagner are not only characterised by a natural wood appearance, but also score with a positive energy balance. With advanced injection moulding technology, they are produced energy efficient and low in emissions from a resource-saving, special bio compound that consists with a content of up to 80 percent of renewable raw materials. Visually, components that are produced in this way convey exactly this effect: the added regenerative ingredients become visible similar to a wooden structure.

“ECOFRIENDLY” signifies the renouncement of a high percentage of fossil resources, namely limited available mineral oil and, instead of this, to include renewable materials into the product development. One great example of this is the twin-wheel swivel castor for furniture “RO 39 ECOFRIENDLY” that is made out of this material innovation. With an overall height of only 50 mm and a contemporarily reduced design, the castor allows the easy and comfortable movement of furniture on all soft, robust floorings. Its extremely broad running surface optimises the running properties and protects the floor surface against running grooves and pressure marks.

New QuickClick components are truly “ECOFRIENDLY” as well, such as the exchangeable glide caps of the “SYNO SLIM”. They have diameters of 17, 20 and 25 mm, and their overall height is reduced to a strict minimum. Thus, in context with the furniture design, they are almost invisible. In addition, classic QuickClick base elements are available as “ECOFRIENDLY” varieties; now they also visually fit the natural materials of sustainable furniture design. Gratifying and consequent: in the framework of sustainable developments at Wagner, the QuickClick System has been honoured with the “Green Product Award Selection 2019”.


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