Tenfold protection for door, wall and furniture

In the new doorstop “Value Pack”, an advantageously set of 10 items, the user will find anything he needs for the protection of door, wall and furniture. The content: three black doorstops “3STOP” for floor use as well as three neutral white coloured plastic buffer models for wall mounting.

The doorstop „3STOP“, that has been awarded inter alia as “Winner” with the “German Design Award 2018”, can be flexibly used within the living and working area. With different pitch angles for various door gaps you can place the “3STOP” e.g. behind the door, where it serves as impact protection or door fixation; placed in front of the door it serves as a brake, and between door and doorframe it keeps the door slightly ajar.

Furthermore, in total seven times included in the “Value Pack” are three classic white wall buffer models in the diameters of 20, 40, and 60 mm. Wagner’s newly developed door buffers made of high-quality plastic are easy to mount; you can optionally screw them tightly, or just glue them on all smooth wall surfaces.

The practical doorstop set is the perfect impulse purchase item; you can present it in the store as stand-alone placement in a side stack, as side hanging or as a complement of the shelf range.


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