Trendy Living & Garden Accessories

The new "Plant Stands" series from Wagner is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Solo or as a perfectly coordinated ensemble, the trendy Living & Garden accessories show off lively greenery to great effect.

Made of powder-coated steel and in the trendy colour "matt black", they fit into any modern ambience, but also permanently defy any outdoor weather conditions. The new plant stands are available in three different sizes: The smallest model in the series, "GH 0520", is suitable for pots with a diameter of 22 cm and is 20 cm high; the medium model, "GH 0540", is suitable for pots with a diameter of 26 cm and is 40 cm high; and the largest of the new plant stands, "GH 0560", is suitable for pots with a diameter of 30 cm and is 60 cm high.

The new plant stands generate additional sales in a small area anywhere in the store. They are perfectly placed, for example, by all medium-sized planters and potted plants, in the boutique and in the checkout area.

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