Triple nomination!

“The German Design Award distinguishes innovative products and projects, their producers and designers, which are ground-breaking within the German and International design landscape”, so defines the “German Design Council” the prestigious honour. The international, prominently staffed jury of leading experts has set on the shortlist of the “German Design Award 2020”even three new developments of WAGNER. The nominated products are the doorstop series “Concrete”, the premium glide “SYNO” as well as the “Justus SLIM”, an extremely flat levelling glide.

All varieties of the nominated doorstop series “Concrete” convince with their puristic design and high material and manufacturing quality. The four new doorstop models are manufactured technically demanding from fine concrete in a gravity die casting process. A round and an oval model combine a solid corpus with an elastic rubber element or a protection ring that serve as effective impact protection and noise absorber. Thus, even hard door bumps are gently cushioned. Two further models are designed the form of a classic cube with smoothly rounded edges. The stable “Concrete” stops fulfil all requirements to a flexible and functional practice: just place them anywhere you need them for the protection of door, wall or furniture, or, in case of the smaller cube, fix them durably by screwing.

Also the premium furniture glide “SYNO” is a candidate for the “German Design Award 2020”. The sustainable gliding surface alternative is multiple problem solution for furniture manufacturers and contract fitters. Conventional felt glides are not entirely suitable for professional application of furniture on particularly strongly stressed floors. The “SYNO”, however, consists of a natural special fibre mixture with an extremely high longevity. This is because the novel material mix is almost abrasion free and has floor-protecting sliding properties. At the same time, it is resistant against humidity and liquids. Furthermore, the supple material has noise-damping properties. The effect is a significant noise reduction, especially when moving chairs. Basing on the multiple awarded QuickClick system that allows a flexible exchange of gliding inserts, the attachment of the “SYNO” at any kind of furniture is simple: fix a base element once at the furniture and plug on or click in a fitting “SYNO” glide insert – and you are ready to go!

The levelling glide “Justus SLIM” obtains a third nomination. The almost invisible premium component combines reduced design with well thought out function. The almost invisible levelling glide is the aesthetical alternative to often twice as big and visually dominant standard adjustable legs. At a minimum overall height, the ultra-flat levelling glide enables to level precisely furniture and objects, and, complemented with compatible, exchangeable glide QuickClick glide caps, to protect sensitive floorings effectively.

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