Variable furniture castors series

Exclusive design for contemporary mobile furniture: with compatible wheel covers to press on, e. g. in high-class metal shades, the new twin-wheel castors for furniture of the series “RO 39” can be complemented quick and easy. Hence, with the series “RO 39” product developers and furniture manufacturers have the opportunity of a perfect colour matching of castor and furniture for the first time - perfect for individual furniture design and customised solutions.

Further benefits of the shapely little castors: needs-based equipped wheels allow the easy-running and floor-protecting use on every kind of flooring. Equipped with hard wheels, the agile castors enable the easy and comfortable movement of furniture on all soft, robust floors; with soft wheels, the twin-wheel castors for furniture from the series “RO 39” protect all hard, sensitive floor surfaces. Their extremely broad running surface optimises additionally the running properties and protects all floor surfaces from running grooves and pressure marks. All varieties of the “RO 39” are available with and without brake. Particularly comfortable: an extra broad, serrated foot pedal allows the quick and safe locking of the brake without the need to bend down.

Thanks to their back hole being standardised to 8 mm, you can combine the twin-wheel castors for furniture from the series “RO 39” with many different Wagner fixing elements. This standardisation allows a great number of applications, because the back hole of every castor is compatible with any kind of fixing element from the Wagner Norm-System, all of them are for easy plug-in. With this ingenious fixing solution, the shapely twin-wheel castors for furniture can be flexibly used under every kind of furniture.



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