Wagner: „Green Wall“ for the vertical gardening

With the “GreenWALL”, Wagner presents a clever product and design element for the more and more popular vertical gardening and the persistent mega trend “Urban Gardening”. The “GreenWALL” complements the mobile plant furniture “GreenBOX” and “GreenRACK” that have already successfully launched on the “Green Market”. The design element for the wall comes to use in combination or “solo”. With fitting accessories, the “GreenWALL” becomes a vertical garden in no time, even on small wall spaces anywhere within the indoor and outdoor area.

The “GreenWALL” is made out of FSC® certified solid wood and has a broad of 79 cm and a height of 31 cm. At discretion, it can be varnished, lacquered and decorated and be fixed on all straight wall surfaces, or as a solitaire or in combination with any number of other “GreenWALL” elements. Two wall attachments placed on the rear make the mounting with screws easy.

Tailor-made accessory products make the “GreenWALL” in a short time a vertical kitchen garden or decorative garden on balcony and terrace, but also a plant and decorative element in home and office. With shapely pot holders made out of powder-coated steel pots can be just hang up on the “GreenWALL”; single hooks serve as decorative and practical hang-up of any kind of objects; and a shelf with a cavity is ideal for mounting and placing of scissor, shovel and other working tools.

Perfect for the garden centre: for the presentation of the complete product family “GreenFAMILY”, Wagner has designed an eye-catching combi pallet. It is equipped ready for sale and offers the mobile plant furniture “GreenRACK” and “GreenBOX”, the new “GreenWALL” as well as all accessories clever and compact anywhere in the store, flexible and on minimum space.

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