Wagner: Nominated for the "German Innovation Award 2024"

"The German Innovation Award honours products, projects and pioneering achievements that sustainably improve life through innovation and progress," says the German Design Council, which organises the innovation award every year. Wagner was once again able to fulfil all the assessment criteria and was nominated for the high-calibre award by an international jury of experts for newly developed variants of the wall hook series "hooks4home".

This is because the novel "hooks4home" models are innovative in every respect: Conceived in four different sizes, their unusual, softly rounded shape sets exciting design accents in the home and office. However, the new wall hooks not only impressed the jury of the "German Design Award 2024" with their good design, but also with their environmentally friendly production and material quality: All variants are manufactured from recycled plastic at the Wagner plants in Lahr / Black Forest in a resource-saving process.

The innovative packaging design of the new "hooks4home" is just as sustainable: Product cards made of grass fibre, reduced to the absolute minimum, present the new wall hooks in the retail. Grass fibre is the ecological, fast-growing and 100% recyclable alternative to conventional, cellulose-based packaging. In stationary retail, the new "hooks4home" integrate themselves particularly sustainably in the refillable presenter made of local wood.

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