Small & smart

The new design doorstop “EH 69” from Wagner is a genuine multi-talent: round like a little discus, elastic and technically ingenious designed, the novel door holder can be turned under every door gap. Due to its ascending clamping surface, it matches perfectly into the gap height between floor and door. Furthermore, the “EH 69” can also be used as buffer to clamp over door and window handles, or for height compensation under furniture. The success: the shapely and versatile all-rounder is nominated for the “German Design Award 2021”!

The “EH 69” has a diameter of 110 mm and is made out an anti-slip elastomer in trendy colours “slate-grey”, „olive-green“, „light-grey“ und „black-matt“. Due to its ingenious design with an ascending clamping surface up to 13 mm, the smart design door wedge protects door, wall, and furniture in a very easy manner. Regardless of the distance between door and floor, it can be turned custom-fit under every door and fixes it firmly and securely. In a further function as buffer, the “EH 69” provides for comprehensive protection for door and window handle, furniture and wall: its ductile opening serves as fixing at the handle and the elastic corpus gently absorbs impacts. A further application: used as shim, it levels height differences and guarantees wobble-free furniture indoors and outdoors. As of now, the design doorstop “EH69” complements the Wagner doorstop range in the shelf and as side grip with a genuine innovation in the store.

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