Four times on the shortlist!

Four product innovations from Wagner are on the shortlist of the “German Design Award 2021”! The “German Design Council” has nominated all of them for this prestigious distinction. The new developments are a hygienic door opener, a premium component for dynamic seating, an innovative glide solution as well as a novel doorstop model.

The hygienic door opener “EH 2240” is universally applicable, e.g. in hospitals, surgeries, offices, companies, hotels, restaurants, and private households. The support for standard door handles is made out of a novel synthetics material from the medical technology. Thanks to its anti-bacterial material properties, it protects against pathogens. Furthermore, it helps in an easy manner to keep the necessary distance in avoiding the touching of the handle with the hand: the ergonomic design of the “EH 2240” makes its contact-avoiding use with forearm or elbow easy and slip-proof.

Form and function are in harmony as well with the nominated “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0” from the QuickClick system made by Wagner. It has been developed especially for ergonomic, dynamic seating and sets to work at the chair leg: Seating furniture that is equipped with the dynamic component follow actively the movements of the sitting person, because an integrated special suspension adapts dynamically to the movements of the user in every direction. The effect: the „PIEDI Equalizer 2.0“ effectively prevents back pain, malposition, and tensions.

A further novelty from the QuickClick system is also on the shortlist; the nominee is the first floor-protecting and noise-damping furniture glide for nailing with exchangeable inserts. The principle: via nailing, a base element is fixed quickly and uncomplicatedly at the furniture; custom-fit caps with different material properties for every kind of flooring are clicked on. They prevent damages at the floor surface and provide for smooth gliding and a pleasant room acoustics. Without nailing once again, the caps can be exchanged in no time.

The fourth nomination goes to the new design doorstop “”EH 69”. It is a genuine multi-talent: round like a little discus, elastic and technically ingenious designed, the door holder can be turned under every door gap. Due to its ascending clamping surface, it matches perfectly into the gap height between floor and door. Furthermore, the doorstop innovation can also be used as buffer to clamp over door and window handles, or for height compensation under furniture.

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